My Rogue, My Ruin

Written by Amalie Howard Angie Morgan

When Lady Briannon (Brinn) Findlay’s family is robbed by the “Masked Marauder,” Brinn doesn’t want to give up her grandmother’s pearls. The thief takes them from her, but not before revealing his soft hands and upper-class accent. Brinn is fascinated and attracted to the mystery robber, and eventually comes to suspect her neighbor, Lord Archer Croft. Archer robs with an empty pistol and gives the stolen wealth to the poor (a latter-day Robin Hood). After the robbery and a dangerous episode with a wild boar, Archer is smitten with the courageous Brinn. When a fake “Masked Marauder” begins robbing, with violence and murder, Brinn and Archer hook up to uncover the true criminal.

This Regency romance is a bodice ripper, with all the requisite longing and carnal exploration. It is also complicated plot-wise, with developed characters, many suspects, and interesting side stories. I was completely surprised by the ending! Recommended for those who like their romances with steam and aren’t sticklers for historical accuracy.