Murder Between the Lines: A Kitty Weeks Mystery

Written by Radha Vatsal
Review by Susan McDuffie

This second volume in the Kitty Weeks mystery series sees part-time reporter Kitty interviewing students at an exclusive girl’s boarding school. Kitty finds student Elspeth Bright, a scientific prodigy studying batteries, particularly intriguing, and later meets with the young girl in Manhattan, planning a feature story on “women in science.” In addition, Kitty juggles her other assignment, a piece on noted suffragette Mrs. Alva Belmont and the women’s Congressional Union. Then, shockingly, Elspeth Bright dies, found frozen to death in a park. Although the budding scientist had a history of sleepwalking, Kitty suspects foul play, and Elspeth’s grieving mother, also a member of the Congressional Union, asks Kitty to make inquiries. These inquiries not only endanger Kitty’s own life, but lead to more unexpected and tragic death.

This lively mystery moves along at a good pace. The author has done her research well and skillfully weaves it into the story, which is set against a backdrop of WWI espionage and the suffragette movement; the reader gets a vivid feel for the era without any distracting “information dumps.” Kitty is an engaging heroine whose personal conflicts make her all the more likeable. She struggles with issues of the day, worries if too much reading can endanger one’s health, and wonders whether to leave the apartment she shares with her wealthy father to strike out on her own. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of Kitty’s adventures.