Murder at Deviation Junction

Written by Andrew Martin

In this fourth in a series featuring railway detective Jim Stringer, the harsh British winter of 1909 can be felt to the bone. Jim is now a family man with a wife and small, sickly son, so he’s desperate for a promotion. He agrees to investigate an assault case, but upon returning home, a frozen body of an apparent suicide sends him on a different track. Soon Jim is entangled in a series of grim events that surround a group of men who shared a private railway car. He follows his instincts, much to the consternation of his fellows, and embarks on a wild chase from the furnaces of Ironopolis to a hideout in Scotland. On the way he tries the patience of his temperance leaning wife, and searches out the perfect Christmas presents for his aeroplane, not railway-entranced son.

England’s industrial age is illuminated with a fierce beauty from a crime-solving perspective that cuts through class lines. Jim struggles to make life better for his family without sacrificing his own steady and dogged allegiance to justice and truth. He’s a character who sustains a series well. And does he know and love his railways!