Morning’s Refrain

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by Elizabeth Caulfield Felt

Dalton Lindquist has lived most of his life in Sitka, Alaska – the exception being the brief time he spent as a baby with his half-brothers and sisters after they shot his mother and kidnapped him to gain control of his inheritance. Dalton’s mother survived the assault and got him back through the help of one of the sisters, who brought Dalton back to Sitka and remained there herself. At age eighteen, Dalton learns about the kidnapping and assault and wants to go to Kansas City to get to know these mysterious half-siblings better and see if they have changed their evil ways.

When Alaska receives a new governor, Phoebe Robbins moves to Sitka with her family. Her father is a longtime friend and colleague of the governor. Unfortunately, the Robbins family has a tainted past, as Phoebe’s grandfather, a banker, stole from his clients. The money was never recovered, and many in Vermont blame Phoebe’s father. This move to Alaska will hopefully take him far from news of this crime. Phoebe’s father is innocent of any wrongdoing.

As the boat carrying the Robbins nears Sitka’s shores, Phoebe falls overboard and Dalton dives into the cold water to rescue her. It is love at first sight for them both.

A Christian romance set in 1889-90, Morning’s Refrain is heavy on the religious elements, with characters (including five-year-olds) turning frequently to God and often quoting scripture. Some of the difficult situations the characters find themselves in seem forced, but for those who seek God’s help, everything works out at the end.