More Than Words Can Say

Written by Karen Witemeyer
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Sitting down with a Witemeyer romance is like sitting down with an old friend over a cup of tea. You know exactly what to expect, and you look forward to it with relish.

In 1869 Texas, Abigail Kemp successfully runs her father’s bakery after his death. But, when the town council informs her that it is illegal for a woman to own a business inside town limits, she is faced with an impossible situation. She either needs to find a sponsor, giving up her control, find a husband who won’t interfere, or sell up. She and her younger sister Rosalind scheme for a husband, and find the perfect specimen in ruggedly handsome, strong, Zacharias Hamilton, who has been coming into her shop every morning for her heavenly cinnamon buns.

Zach is finally free of his responsibilities caring for his adopted siblings. He’s now determined to live a quiet bachelor life, working in the lumberyard and eating at the Taste of Heaven Bakery. But, when the spunky Miss Kemp approaches him with a crazy business scheme, his world is turned upside down. Zach never could turn down a person in need. Married within a few days, the couple must figure out how to live together, how to protect Rosalind from some unwanted attention, and how to save the bakery. Zach and Abby also need to figure out what it means to be husband and wife, including how to share their innermost thoughts, feelings, and eventually, their marital bed.

More Than Words Can Say is a delightful story with everything you’d want: romantic tension, drama, and a dash of humor. Fun and easy to read, this will delight all fans of the Christian romance genre. Witemeyer has set it up to share Rosalind’s story next, and I look forward to that with anticipation. Recommended.