Moonlight Raider

Written by Amanda Scott
Review by Elena Maria Vidal

Amanda Scott returns with another Border Nights saga involving the strong-willed Lady Meg and the Scott clan. In Moonlight Raider, Lady Meg’s grandson Wat Scott, the new laird of the Scotts, rescues a young lady from a forced marriage. Lady Molly Cockburn, sweet, innocent and contrary, soon has Wat’s head spinning as he has to figure out how to save her virtue from the local villain. He soon finds that Molly’s worst enemy is her own headstrong nature, as well as her thuggish kinsmen. Wat must use all his wits in dealing with Molly as well as a doing the bidding of his king. In penning a highly enjoyable romance, Amanda Scott also shares a great many historical details about life in medieval Scotland, as well as the often murky politics and the tumultuous ways of the Border clans. Full of lively characters and authentic settings, it is a novel to be relished by both lovers of romance and of medieval or Celtic history.