Miscarriage of Justice

Written by Linda Sole
Review by Cas Stavert

Set in 1924, this historical mystery, the first in a new series, is set in a small Norfolk village with two protagonists who are fast on their way to getting hitched.

Sarah Beaufort is staying with her grandmother in disgrace after running off to go on the stage. Intrigued by the news that the local busybody has been murdered, she decides to investigate on her own. Was it really the woman’s gardener, as the police seem to think? Artist Larch Meadows, son of the local JP, teams up with her, also keen to seek the truth and prevent a miscarriage of justice.

But then a second murder occurs, and with a local coven of devil worshippers added to the mix we have a good story with enough twists to keep the pages turning. The romantic subplot provides an entertaining contrast to the more serious matter of the main plot, and if the characterisation is a bit bland, I’m sure Sole’s many fans will forgive her, as there will be plenty of time for fleshing out later in the series.