Millie’s Treasure

Written by Kathleen Y’Barbo
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Millie Jean Cope—heiress to the failing Cope fortune—wants only one thing: To be a scientist. But in 1880s Tennessee, science is not considered a ladylike pursuit, and Millie faces obstacles around every corner. Desperate for freedom, Millie begins to search for a legendary treasure, never realizing that her helpful fiancé, Sir William Trueck, is actually the notorious con artist Will Tucker.

Pinkerton detective, and accomplished inventor, Kyle Russell is on a treasure hunt. His investigation leads him to Memphis, where he meets the enigmatic Millie Cope. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that Millie—and those closest to her—may be involved in several criminal activities. Can Kyle solve the mystery before falling head over heels in love with his prime suspect?

The sequel to Flora’s Wish, and the second in the Secret Lives of Will Tucker series, Kathleen Y’Barbo’s latest novel, Millie’s Treasure, is a treasure in itself. The characters depicted here are both relatable and entertaining. Some moments are heartbreaking, while others are laugh-out-loud funny. The age-old message to keep the faith, even in battle, still rings true, and the fantastic twist ending will leave readers speechless. Overall, Millie’s Treasure is a wonderful piece of historical Christian fiction.