Meet John Trow

Written by Thomas Dyja
Review by Melissa Galyon

Thomas Dyja’s latest novel may prove to be a summer favorite for historical fiction fans. Set in 1999 Salisbury and Mt. Riga, Connecticut, burned-out advertising professional attempts to disconnect and then reconnect with his family in the most unexpected way. Steven Armour has recently moved his wife and their two children from the big city to small-town Connecticut. Armour quickly learns that working from home and spending more time with the family does not necessarily grant him more freedom. His relationships are falling apart, and his job performance reaches an all-time low. As a method for escape, he joins the local Civil War re-enactment group.

Once assigned as Private John Trow, an actual Union soldier hailing from Mt. Riga, Armour learns as much of Trow’s life as possible. When letters arrive from Trow’s secret lover during the War, the wife of his Colonel, Steven obliges and begins an affair with his counterpart, the pretend Mrs. Kellogg. Each weekend at Mt. Riga leads John farther away from his own life and deeper into Private Trow’s. Readers will wonder if he can stop himself before it’s too late.