The Cold Millions

By Jess Walter - Published 2020


Set in early 20th-century Spokane, Washington, Jess Walter’s The Cold Millions is the gripping story of two Irish American brothers caught up ...Read Review

The Virginia Dynasty: Four Presidents and the Creation of the American Nation

By Lynne Cheney - Published 2020



In this highly readable, engrossing work of nonfiction, Cheney chronicles highlights in the lives of the first four men from Virginia who served ...Read Review

The Evening and the Morning (Kingsbridge)

By Ken Follett - Published 2020



Over a century before The Pillars of the Earth, the future English cathedral town of Kingsbridge is a mere hamlet with a stone ...Read Review

The City on the Thames: The Creation of a World Capital: A History of London

By Simon Jenkins - Published 2020



“All histories have their roots in geography.” Simon Jenkins begins his history of London with this thought-provoking statement (and one of particular interest ...Read Review


By Nazanine Hozar - Published 2020



On a wintry night in 1953, Behrouz, a military truck driver, is walking home to the poorer, southern part of Tehran. He discovers and ...Read Review

A Thousand Moons

By Sebastian Barry - Published 2020



Set around Paris, Tennessee, in the aftermath of the Civil War, this stand-alone sequel to Barry’s Days without End (2016), is compellingly and ...Read Review

Exile Music

By Jennifer Steil - Published 2020


When Germany annexes Austria in 1938, a young girl’s perfect childhood—filled with love, art, and storytelling—comes to an end. Since Orly’...Read Review

The Book of Longings

By Sue Monk Kidd - Published 2020


Kidd has taken a concept which could have been seriously strained – imagining the life of the woman who married Jesus in 1st-century Judea – ...Read Review

A Single Thread

By Tracy Chevalier - Published 2019


1932. Violet Speedwell is one of the “surplus women” created by the deaths of so many English men during the Great War. Her fiancé ...Read Review

The Sweetest Fruits

By Monique Truong - Published 2019


Three distinctive, remarkable women narrate Truong’s third novel. They never meet, but their lives are interconnected, and subtly influenced by one another’...Read Review

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