Making Waves

Written by Lorna Seilstad
Review by Tamela McCann

When Marguerite Westing discovers that her wealthy family will be spending the summer of 1895 at Lake Manawa, Iowa, she is thrilled, believing it will be the perfect opportunity to rid herself of her unwanted suitor, Roger Gordon. Once there, however, she stumbles on the fact that her father has allowed his gambling habit to ruin the family finances and a marriage to the boring, controlling Roger may be all that will protect her mother and younger brother. Heartsick over her circumstances, Marguerite’s emotions are tossed about further when she meets the handsome Trip Andrews, a boating instructor who agrees to teach her brother (and in actuality, Marguerite) how to sail. Will she be able to go through with a loveless marriage or will Marguerite follow her heart (and her God)? When is it all right to think of yourself first?

Making Waves is a delightful Christian novel that doesn’t hit you over the head with its messages. Marguerite is a spunky heroine whose loyalty to her family is boundless, but finds compromise a hard pill to swallow. Roger is as despicable as Trip is good, and the story’s ultimate outcome is easy to predict. However, the setting of wealthy families on a lake in Iowa is unique, and Marguerite’s love of sailing gives the story a fun dimension. I did find a few of the twists a bit convenient and one of them (the issue with Trip’s mother) decidedly odd, but overall this was a fun novel that makes me sure I will be seeking out more in the series as they are released. A great debut novel from an author bringing a new voice to the Christian historical market.