Love on a Dime

Written by Cara Lynn James
Review by Rebecca Roberts

Six years ago, Lilly Westbrook and Jackson Grail were in love, or so she thought until he left without even saying goodbye. Now it’s 1899, in Newport, Rhode Island, where the wealthy and privileged gather to spend the summer gossiping. On the surface, Lilly appears to be a well-bred society girl dutifully husband-hunting. However, she surreptitiously writes dime novels, which her family and fiancé would find intolerable if her disgraceful secret were revealed. When, predictably, Jack returns, he brings back old feelings, trouble, and quite possibly scandal. This cozy romance creeps along at a slow, even pace. And while the story is predictable and formulaic, the underlying theme of female empowerment will appeal to modern-day readers, while the gentle plot will delight romance fans. Recommended as a light Christian romance read.