Love in the Time of Scandal

Written by Caroline Linden
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

London, 1822. Benedict Lennox is handsome and titled but lacks money to give him independence from his cruel, abusive father. He seems to have unexplained character flaws, too. Penelope Weston is a beautiful, passionate young lady with a happy family and a large dowry, but is tainted by merchant roots. When her reputation is ruined by the lies of a vicious cad, she and Benedict marry to preserve her standing in society and to make him secure financially. Sensuality brings them together, but can they build a marriage that unites them outside the bedroom as well as within it? They face danger and true evil together, and must work as a team to plumb their deepest strengths as they struggle to survive. This is a frothy, sizzling page-turner with surprisingly likeable and interesting protagonists. Recommended for fans of spicy Regency romance.