Lion of Ireland

Written by Morgan Llewelyn
Review by Alexandra Ceely

Brian of Boruma was the son of one chieftain and the brother of another, but he was perhaps greater than them both. The time is the late 10th century, and the Northmen are fully entrenched on Irish soil, particularly in the village of Limerick, looting and pillaging whenever they’ve a mind to. One night, they attack Brian’s village, raping and killing his mother and destroying the life he once knew. The brutality of the Vikings, and his desire for revenge, stays with him for the rest of his life. Soon after the attack, he is sent to a monastery to be educated. He learns about the great military leaders of the classical world, and in so doing, learns how to defeat the Northmen and reclaim his land– but first, he must prove himself to his brother and his men. His journey from emotionally scarred boy to warrior king is not easy, and he must learn all his battle skills the hard way.

This is a wonderful story, full of action, drama, and romance. The setting of Celtic Ireland is captivating, filled with Druids and early Christians, vicious Viking bad guys and beautiful Irish maidens. Most important of all, the character of Brian Boru is meticulously crafted, and many of his exploits will have you reading well past your bedtime.