Light on a Distant Hill: A Novel of the Indian West

Written by B. J. Scott
Review by Angela Simmons

Ellen O’Hara, at age sixteen, is being sent west from Kansas as a mail-order bride. Before she has the chance to meet her husband-to-be, her train is delayed. As passengers cross a river to meet up with another train, they are attacked by Indians, thus Ellen now finds herself captured by the Shoshone. Nursed back to health in their village, Ellen soon falls for their handsome chief, Bear Paws. The attraction is mutual, and shortly the two have to deal with army raids. Now married, Ellen finds herself arrested and charged with the murder of a soldier.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout this novel, eater to learn what happened next in Ellen’s life. This story is laced with the sorrow, and the suffering of the era tugs at your emotions while you read. Brilliantly composed with vivid details of both the characters and the culture, the reader is easily pulled in.