Legend of the Mist

Written by Vicki Hinze
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

James Cameron, the laird of his Scottish clan, and newly-single Catherine Morgan in New Orleans fall in love after long overseas telephone chats. Some readers may find this hard to swallow, but others may think it is refreshing for romance to bloom before any physical contact occurs.

Catie travels to Scotland, where she and Jamie must uncover the murderer who is killing Jamie’s family and threatening the environment as well. Their emotional and physical bond intensifies, as does the peril they face. There is much action in the castle, on the moors, and around the loch, as modern lairds brandish swords and ride stallions with as much verve as their twelfth-century counterparts.

This time-travel romance is a page-turning, emotion-soaked bonbon of a love story, and that is what saves the book. The actual trip back into the past is brief and comes very late in the tale. It almost seems tacked on as an afterthought. Those who want to immerse themselves in a deep time-travel experience should probably look elsewhere, as should those who want a more authentic feel to their contemporary Scottish settings.

A mass market edition of this book titled Festival was published by Pinnacle Books in 1997 under the pseudonym Victoria Barrett.