Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish

Written by Grace Burrowes
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Lady Sophie Windham has schemed to spend a few days alone in her parents’ London home before joining her family for Christmas in the country. Her plans come to naught, however, when an abandoned baby lands in her care. At 27 years of age, Sophie is used to taking in stray animals, but she has never even held a baby, let alone changed a dirty nappy. Fortunately, the handsome stranger, Vim Carpentier, seems to know everything there is to know about looking after an infant and is also quite willing to postpone his own journey in order to teach Sophie the basics of childcare. A snowstorm fortuitously prevents Vim’s timely departure, and the pair spends several days in each other’s company, until they are “rescued” by Sophie’s three brothers.

Continuing the Regency family saga begun in The Duke’s Obsession, the author’s bestselling trilogy about the three Windham brothers, this novel launches a series about the five Windham sisters. The multitude of siblings, half-siblings, parents, and grandparents, all with their own titles and nicknames, are somewhat confusing on first introduction, but those many readers who enjoyed the earlier books will thoroughly enjoy this holiday romp with their heroes.