Lady Midnight

Written by Amanda McCabe
Review by Trudi E. Jacobson

Katerina Bruni is the daughter of Venice’s most elite courtesan, and is being groomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps. However, she, her mother, her mother’s protector, and the man who has been picked out to be her protector are caught in a terrible storm while yachting. Katerina is washed up on a beach and nursed back to health. She realizes that she can make an entirely new life for herself, since those close to her and her old way of life have perished. Lady Midnight is the story of her endeavor to do this: her move to London, then becoming a governess for Michael Lindley’s young sister and his daughter in Yorkshire. The sparks fly between Katerina (now plain Kate Brown) and Michael at first sight. I found it refreshing that they acknowledged their mutual attraction fairly quickly, and that any misassumptions between them weren’t allowed to drag on very long. Set at the very end of the Regency, this is a charming historical romance with some suspense added in.