Lady Merry’s Dashing Champion

Written by Jeane Westin
Review by Alice Logsdon

A case of mistaken identity leads Meriel St. Thomas into a world of courtly intrigue and sensual delights she never thought possible. Orphaned as an infant and later taken in by a kindly benefactor, Merry’s daydreams are nothing compared to the thrills she receives once she accepts the terms offered by Charles II’s spymaster. “Offered” is the operable word here, for if she doesn’t accept, she will not live to see the light of another day. However, the chance to impersonate the wife of celebrated war hero, Lord Giles, does have its own special allure, one Merry could hardly pass up in any event.

This Restoration romance has everything. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. The period details are rich, yet not so itemized as to distract from a rollicking good story. Humorous, passionate, and quick-witted, Merry is a charming heroine.