Lady in Waiting

Written by Kathryn Caskie
Review by Audrey Braver

Jenny Penny is the Lady In Waiting, as madcap a heroine as ever graced the pages of a Regency romance. By day a lady’s maid, by night Jenny is Lady Eros, creator of a beauty cream that stimulates the skin with a tingle that produces a natural blush. Somehow the Ton discovers that Jenny’s cream also produces a stimulating tingle in another part of the body, and it becomes a runaway best seller. As if leading a double life is not complicated enough, Jenny’s employers, the feather-headed Featherton sisters, in a matchmaking effort, order her to impersonate a young lady of quality, Lady Genevieve, in her off hours. The man they have targeted as a suitor for her is a stalwart, larger-than-life Scots laird. This takeoff on the Cinderella theme has no evil stepsisters, but with two fairy godmothers like her well-intentioned employers, Jenny has enough to contend with.

Kathryn Caskie has created an endearing heroine and a knock-your-socks-off hero. The main plot theme is a romp. However, there are at least four too many subplots, which, at times, can leave the reader in a spin.