Lady Eve’s Indiscretion

Written by Grace Burrowes
Review by Audrey Braver

This is book seven in the series featuring the Windham family, set in the late Regency period. When Lady Eve was 16 she committed an indiscretion which she immediately regretted. Escaping the inevitable consequences, she falls from her horse, suffering injuries that leave her crippled. In two years, Eve completely recovers from her physical injuries but remains emotionally scarred. A chance meeting with an inebriated Marquis of Deene, Lucas Denning, results in compromising the couple. With marriage now impossible due to her indiscretion, Eve enters into a fake engagement with Lucas unaware that Lucas considers her a perfect marchioness.

In Eve, Burrowes has created a spunky, courageous heroine, and Lucas is an attractive, likeable hero. However, there are too many subplots to distract and confuse the reader. These are resolved quickly, but not always satisfactorily, at the end of the novel by an exciting but implausible horse race.