Knight of Sherwood

Written by N. B. Dixon
Review by Anna Bennett

Sherwood’s most famous resident is back for the second installment of N.B. Dixon’s Outlaw’s Legacy trilogy. Following Heir of Locksley, Knight of Sherwood finds Robin entrenched in the Crusades under the Lion Heart, with a very sharp and pressing reason to return to England. Granted leave, his homecoming celebrations are cut short by the news of his father’s death and his own newfound status: outlaw. As his band of Merry Men grows, so too do the stakes in his fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham. While evading the law and the unwanted attentions of Lady Marian, Robin Hood finds himself in thicker brambles than expected.

In this imaginative re-telling of the Robin Hood legend, Dixon explores more than simply the socio-political dynamic of pre-Magna Carta, Crusade-entrenched England. Rather, her apt and tasteful romance between Robin and Will Scathelock, his squire and right-hand man, guides readers through an understanding of contemporary mores and perspectives on homosexual and bisexual relationships. Dixon’s Knight of Sherwood is a captivating tale, and stands alone, though clearly readers who think they would enjoy it may prefer to choose Heir of Locksley first.