King Arthur: The Bloody Cup

Written by M.K. Hume

For many years the people of Briton have enjoyed peace and prosperity under the reign of King Artor, but the King is growing old. Artor’s court is torn apart with intrigue as Wenhaver, High Queen and strumpet, continues to plague Artor and his plans for the future of his kingdom, while Modred who covets the throne for himself, plots rebellion. Taking advantage of Artor’s perceived weakness, his enemies seize upon the cup of Bishop Lucius of Canterbury as a symbol to rally those who would cleanse the land of Christian belief.

This is the third instalment in the King Arthur trilogy and takes the story of Arthur (Artor) through to his death. It is darker then the two previous books, but it is also stronger and more compelling. Arthurian purists may raise an eyebrow at the portrayal of Artor and many of the other characters such as Galahad and Gawayne, but the author has deliberately set out to provide a different view of Arthur, and she succeeds admirably. This is an Arthur with flaws – violent and capable of savagery, beset with doubt, but intensely loyal.

Throw in murder, well written battle scenes and crisp dialogue and you have an entertaining, pacey read. Very enjoyable; I look forward to the author’s next offering.