6th Century

The Once and Future Queen: Guinevere Reimagined

By Parker J. Cole - Published 2022


Alternate History

515 AD. Gwenhwyfar and Arthur are both on the cusp of retaking their lands. Their plans have been shaping for 10 years now. Gwenhwyfar, born ...Read Review

Dark Earth

By Rebecca Stott - Published 2022



AD 500, and sisters Isla and Blue sit on an island in the Thames, watching the tide creep up on the Ghost City, formerly ...Read Review


By Lucy Holland - Published 2021


Historical FantasyMystery/Crime

It is southwest Britain in the 6th century, and the Saxons are threatening again a generation after they were stopped by Aurelianus’s (...Read Review

Too Soon the Night: A Novel of Empress Theodora (The Theodora Duology)

By James Conroyd Martin - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

For someone who’s been dead almost 1500 years, Empress Theodora of Byzantium is having a moment. The subject of numerous biographies and now ...Read Review

The Rebel Nun

By Marj Charlier - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Poitiers, 588. For many noblewomen seeking an alternative to marriage and the perils of childbirth, royal monasteries provided a quiet solution. For Clotild, granddaughter ...Read Review

Bones and Keeps

By Dena Bain Taylor - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

AD 542. Beowulf’s sister has just spoken a dark prophecy about his future: annihilation or shame. On the heels of this, a mysterious ...Read Review

The Forgotten Kingdom (The Lost Queen 2)

By Signe Pike - Published 2020


Set in the south of Scotland in the 6th century, the second book in a series continues the story of Languoreth, twin sister ...Read Review

Arthur Rex Brittonum (A Light in the Dark Ages)

By Tim Walker - Published 2020


In his Light in the Dark Ages series, Walker puts his own cast on the myths of 5th- and 6th-century Britain and its ...Read Review

Fortune’s Child: A Novel of Empress Theodora

By James Conroyd Martin - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Palace scribe Stephen, hauled out of prison, is tasked with writing the Empress Theodora’s life story before she dies, and out of ...Read Review

Age of Saints

By Christy Nicholas - Published 2019


Sixth-century Ireland springs to life in Christy Nicholas’ Age of Saints, a tapestry of historical detail woven with Irish fairy tales and folklore. ...Read Review

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