6th Century

To Abandon Rome: AD 593 (Tribonian Trilogy Book 2)

By Vann Turner - Published 2017



Vann Turner’s To Abandon Rome brings to life a period of Roman history that is unfamiliar to me. In 593 AD, the Lombard ...Read Review

Mistress of Legend: Guinevere’s Tale Book 3

By Nicole Evelina - Published 2018


From 518 to 524 AD, the aftermath of the Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot debacle continues. Readers familiar with the legend realize that after the breakup of Guinevere’s ...Read Review

An Empire for Ravens (John, the Lord Chamberlain Mysteries)

By Eric Mayer - By Mary Reed - Published 2018



This twelfth book in the John the Lord Chamberlain Mystery series follows the sixth-century Byzantium sleuth as he illegally breaks his exile from ...Read Review

The Lost Queen

By Signe Pike - Published 2018


Set in the south of Scotland in the 6th century, this tells the story of Languoreth, twin sister of Lailoken, whom many researchers ...Read Review

The Gospel of Mary

By Philip Freeman - Published 2017



This is the third in Freeman’s popular Sister Deirdre mystery series set in 6th-century Ireland. Deirdre is a multitalented sleuth who is ...Read Review

The Song-Sayer’s Lament

By David Ebsworth - Published 2016


The song sayer in question is the blind Morgose, but this tale of post-Roman Britain is narrated by Merriden, friend and mentor of ...Read Review

Between Two Fires

By Mark Noce - Published 2016


Wales, 597 AD. The marriage of 16-year-old Lady Branwen, the only legitimate child of Vortigern, the King of Dyfed, to Morgan, the King of ...Read Review

Sacrifice: A Celtic Adventure

By Philip Freeman - Published 2015



Following Saint Brigid’s Bones, Philip Freeman brings Sister Deirdre back in Sacrifice, and this time someone is killing the nuns from her ...Read Review

The Bear Keeper’s Daughter (The Broken Empire Vol. 1)

By Peter G. M. Lavelle - Published 2013


Told largely from the narrative focal-point of a young girl, Sophia, the niece of the woman who would go on to become the ...Read Review

The Last Roman: Triumph

By Jack Ludlow - Published 2015



Flavius Belisarius is the most brilliant general of his time. He is wily in war, honourable in his dealings with allies and enemies, ...Read Review

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