Written by Christopher S. Stewart
Review by Barry Webb

This book is really two stories in one—both of which were structured like “shaggy dog” stories. The author recounts the efforts of Theodore Morde to discover a mythical “White City,” or “Lost City,” in the depths of the Honduran rainforest during early WWII days. He alternates the Morde story with the account of his own efforts to retrace Morde’s steps to find the lost city. While there is lots of interesting jungle lore in the author’s account, there is far too much repetition of day after day of slogging through mud, insect bites, and rain storms. At times reading this book becomes as difficult as if the reader himself was slogging through tangled vines and impenetrable vegetation. Perhaps that was the author’s intent. Nothing like a little atmosphere. By page 100 this reader was beginning to fear that neither of these “shaggy dog” stories was going to have an ending, a punch line. The author does, however, eventually come through beginning around page 150. Actually, the last 100 pages are fairly interesting, and we learn that there was both a large “Lost City,” and a smaller lost “White City.”