Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians!

Written by Gary Northfield
Review by Mike Ashworth

This is the third in the bestselling Julius Zebra series. Julius is a gladiatorial champion, a liberator of enslaved beasts, and a rebel of the Roman Empire. When Julius and his animal companions find themselves shipwrecked on the shores of ancient Egypt, he finds himself mistaken for a Horse God and is crowned Pharaoh of Egypt. However, it is not long before his fortunes take a turn for the worse, and the Zebra with his companions find themselves involved with high priests, the Emperor Hadrian, lost tombs and a beetle. Will they live to tell the tale?

The book is an interesting combination of text, drawings, humour and historical fact. Designed for a reading level of 7 – 9 years, it will appeal to older children as well as adults. Historical facts are hidden amongst the general silliness and mayhem, but children will love this for the nonstop action and the many laughs. With a glossary and features on Roman numerals and hieroglyphics at the end of the book, there is a great deal to keep young readers entertained and occupied. History made fun – what’s not to like? Recommended.