Julia and the Master of Morancourt

Written by Janet Aylmer
Review by Vicki Kondelik

After her brother is killed in the Napoleonic Wars and her family loses its fortune, Julia Maitland’s mother wishes her to marry Dominic Brandon, the elder son of an earl, a wild young man who prefers to live the high life in London with his lower-class mistress. Julia’s ailing father would rather that she consider Jack Douglas, the son of a self-made man and neighbor of the Maitlands in rural Derbyshire. On a visit to the Douglas family, Julia is drawn not to Jack, who cares for nothing but horses and farming, but to his younger brother Kit, who shares her love of books. Later, while Julia visits her aunt in Bath, she discovers that Kit has inherited the estate of Morancourt in Dorset from his childless godmother and taken her family name. She and her aunt visit Kit at Morancourt, where Julia and Kit discover that a ring of smugglers has been using the farm buildings. Will they succeed in tracking down the smugglers and finding happiness together?

Aylmer, author of Darcy’s Story, a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, has written a delightful Regency romance with a strong-minded, intelligent heroine, which should appeal to fans of Jane Austen.