Journey to Compostela

Written by Bernard Reilly
Review by Wendy Zollo

Journey to Compostela is the story of Martin, a farmer on pilgrimage. Through the course of fate, he loses his original comrades and is pillared by the knight Rainald to join his band of companions.

This novel positively quivers with emotions, danger, growth and self-awareness. The relationship between Martin and Rainald, the most heinous of knights, shivers with moral obligation, the mindset of the medieval peasant, and the overwhelming contrast between the two.

Aside from a few phrases of modern slang which jolted me out of Reilly’s carefully set soul-searching atmosphere, the passionate fervor of his plot burns throughout the pages of this tiny medieval masterpiece.

Compostela is truly more than the traditional medieval novel, as it powerfully leaps with insight into the brutality of faith, hope, pity, and pure evil that was the era of early twelfth century Spain.