Inheritance: Book One of Southern Son, the Saga of Doc Holliday

Written by Victoria Wilcox
Review by Arleigh Johnson

Doc Holliday is reimagined in this first book of a trilogy on the man and the legend, delving into never-before-related history. Born John Henry Holliday and known as John Henry to his friends and relatives, he was set to inherit a family plantation before the Civil War destroyed the South. A youth during the tumultuous years of the war, his family moved from the Atlanta area to the Florida state line in the small town of Valdosta. From there he attended dental school, visited the Midwest with a colleague, and finally returned to his roots near Atlanta—but not to the life of which he had always dreamed.

This is a story of family struggles, the devastation of war, young love and simply of a sensitive and intelligent boy growing into a man. John Henry wanted desperately to marry a girl he couldn’t have, though this part of the story continues into the next book.

The Doc Holliday of legend had a past, and it’s brought forth beautifully in this narrative with a detailed account of the United States during the Reconstruction era. Through this novel steeped in history, the reader will find an interesting connection with the celebrated 20th-century Southern author, Margaret Mitchell, and the inspiration for her novel, Gone with the Wind.

Though Doc Holliday lived a short life due to illness, it was filled with events and adventures—the next, titled Gone West, promises to reconnect the reader with the Southern gentleman as he travels in search of a life he never intended to live. This novel is highly recommended for Georgians—especially antebellum and GWTW fans—and, of course, historical and Wild West enthusiasts.