In Places Hidden

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by Lauren Miller

Camrianne “Camri” Coulter is trying to find her missing brother, Caleb, a law attorney. Suspecting foul play, Camri enlists the help of new friends, including the last person Caleb defended, Patrick Murdock, and she takes a job at a local chocolate factory. But there are any number of places in the big city of San Francisco where Caleb could be in hiding, imprisoned, or worse. Murdock, an Irishman cleared of murder charges, knows the danger Camri will face all too well. Together, they will attempt to trust one another and bring her brother home…but is he still alive?

Tracie Peterson’s first in the new Golden Gates Secrets series, In Places Hidden explores the Progressive Movement in San Francisco. Readers who have studied this period extensively will find the characters are well-chosen to offer a diversity in backgrounds, and the plot centering on the political corruption that is perhaps the hallmark of this era. A suspenseful story, balanced by the levity of supporting characters, this romantic mystery has an assortment of surprises in store for the reader.