In Loving Memory

Written by Winona Kent
Review by Beth Turza

I like a good time travel novel, and this one did not disappoint. In Loving Memory is the sequel to Persistence of Memory, in which Charlie Lowe traveled back to 1825 and met Shaun Deeley. In this novel, Shaun is happily learning about the present time, in which he and Charlie are living together, and Charlie is researching an exhibit she’s working on about London in 1940, during the Blitz. An artifact sends them both time-traveling back to those frightening days, and they are re-introduced to her much-younger grandmother. Charlie is new to time travel and understands that the past cannot be changed, as it will change the future. A sinister character from the past seems to also have the ability to time travel, and there are also reasons for Charlie and Shaun to be in 1940: to help save lives.

Time-travel novels aren’t for everyone, but the historical research is well done in this case. While it has a fantasy element, it still rings true. Reading this book brought out questions for me, and I felt the need to real Persistence of Memory to better understand the relationship between Charlie and Shaun, as well as the time periods that they belonged in. I enjoyed both books very much.