If You Give a Rake a Ruby

Written by Shana Galen
Review by Monica Spence

Fallon, called the “Marchioness of Mystery” by her admirers, hates the life she leads as a celebrated courtesan. Most of all, she hates the lies about her origins that she must hide behind. Warrick Fitzhugh of the British Foreign Office introduces himself to her — when she discovers him, uninvited, in her bed one evening. Fallon must confront her sordid past as the daughter of an infamous crime lord. Warrick must overcome the demons haunting him as a result of the Napoleonic Wars. What starts as an arrangement of political convenience transmutes into passion, danger, and the search for truth. It is only through trusting one another that they will succeed. Once you suspend your disbelief that a high-priced courtesan is really anything but a courtesan, the story is engrossing and fun. Shana Galen is known for her fast-pasted Regencies, and she scores again with If You Give a Rake a Ruby.