Honorable Intentions

Written by Donna MacQuigg
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Set in the Territory of New Mexico, in 1881, Honorable Intentions (a sequel to The Doctor’s Daughter) is a thoroughly enjoyable frontier romance. A wanted poster hangs on the wall of Santa Fe’s jailhouse, right beside the prisoner whose arm Lydia Randolph is sewing up. Lydia has no doubt that she is treating the wanted man, but her patient insists that he is Don Miguel Dominguez Mendoza Estrada, a Mexican horse-breeder, and not Antonio Garcia, the notorious bandito. When Lydia is taken captive by the banditos, Miguel takes advantage of his likeness to their leader, and rides with the band to their hideout. Unfortunately, his ruse is so successful that Lydia refuses to believe that he is an honorable man, risking his life to effect her rescue.

A native of New Mexico, the author brings an authenticity to the story that creates an easy flow. After one suspends disbelief that two unrelated men can be so physically similar, the twists and turns in the plot seem perfectly believable. I’d like to say that this book is a keeper but, in truth, it’s Don Miguel Dominguez Mendoza Estrada whom I’d like to keep¬. Right at my bedside, if you please.