Highland Storms

Written by Christina Courtenay
Review by Katy O’Dowd

Heartbroken Brice Kinross travels from Sweden to take up the reins of the family estate, Rosyth, in Scotland. Having been betrayed by his brother and childhood sweetheart, he hopes to find peace there, and a new way of life. On his arrival, though, he finds the locals to be surly, and the estate manager – who has run Rosyth into the ground – goes out of his way to make things difficult for Brice. To top it all off, a substantial amount of money has gone missing and the new laird is not quite sure who he can trust. Enter the fiery red-head Marsaili, housekeeper and beauty, and Brice’s life takes yet another turn.

Set in 1754, Highland Storms is the sequel to Trade Winds. While not awash with historical detail, the plot of the story itself, along with descriptions of the people and surrounding countryside, are captivating. Add treachery and romance to the mix, and you find yourself with a well written, fast-paced, enjoyable read.