Highland Lover

Written by Amanda Scott
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1503, Alyson MacGillivray, recently married to her childhood friend, Niall, embarks on a sea voyage aboard the Maryenknyght. Alyson, left to her own devices a lot of the time, soon realizes that heir to the Scottish throne, Jamie Stewart, is also aboard with his friend, Will. The idyllic journey soon takes a twist when pirates attack, taking Jamie hostage. Alyson and Will are left alone on the sinking ship; Niall is nowhere to be seen. Captain Jake Maxwell, hired by the king to secretly keep an eye on the ship, swoops in to save Alyson and Will. They work together to find out happened to her husband and Jamie.

Based on historical events, this swashbuckling quest has romance, danger, and plenty of drama. The slowly budding romance mixes well with menacing intrigue and high seas adventure. Scott’s exaggerated dialect in the dialogue, however, is a bit of a distraction and clutters the storyline. Overall, though, this is a satisfactory story and a fine installment of her Scottish Knights series.