Her Father’s Daughter

Written by June Tate
Review by Judith Starkston

In November 1945 in Southampton, England, Victoria Teglia reopens the Club Valetta, which her father had run until his death rescuing a man from a fire that burnt down much of the club. Can she handle all the trouble that is going to come her way as club proprietor?

Victoria aims at running a legitimate business, but her father operated the club as a brothel with criminal connections, and Victoria’s partner, George Coleman, was her father’s right-hand man. George has given up crime, but as the plot turns to danger, George’s underworld friends will prove essential as he tries to protect Victoria.

Two men vie for Victoria’s heart: Johnny Daniels, the son of a notorious mobster, and the handsome Navy captain, Bruce Chapman. Will Victoria’s love life get her into even more trouble?

Her Father’s Daughter is an entertaining, light read. The characters are recognizable, fairly one-dimensional types. Tate creates the feel of London and Southampton during the postwar rebuilding. She focuses on reconstruction and renewal, leaving aside any portrayal of grief or lingering psychological effects of the war. Tate’s plot amidst the gangsters and Victoria’s romantic entanglements keep the pages turning.