Haym Salomon: American Patriot

Written by Susan Goldman Rubin
Review by Nancy Castaldo

Susan Goldman Rubin does it again. The author of favorites The Cat With The Yellow Star and Fireflies in the Dark, among other notable titles, has continued to bring fascinating people to life for children. Her focus on little- known Jewish subjects led her to the tale of Haym Saloman, a Jewish immigrant who was a member of the legendary Sons of Liberty and was given the honorary title of “Financier of the American Revolution.” Rubin’s well-written picture book narrative is the perfect addition to an elementary school unit on the American Revolution. Following the story Rubin provides a detailed author’s note and a glossary, which further the book’s classroom appeal.

David Slomin’s cartoony illustrations, although fun, might deter older readers from picking up the book. Ages 4-8.