God’s Forge

Written by Patrick Dorsey
Review by Steve Shaw

God’s Forge tells the tale of the Knights Templar, recently returned from the Crusades and currently stationed in Paris. Unfortunately, King Philip’s coffers are running dry, and he’s run out of ways to raise money. Knowing the Knights are rumored to sit on a valuable treasure, he presses the Pope to officially disband the order, clearing the path for the Inquisition to round up and torture the Knights.

Fleeing this fate, one band of Knights ultimately escapes with their treasure to the British Isles (with the help of a prostitute named Lisette); the story comes to a neat (if predictable) conclusion that sews together all the loose ends. The book is easily engrossing, with a fast-moving story and a variety of character viewpoints. It’s great reading, suitable for public libraries and most young audiences