Games Lovers Play

Written by June Tate
Review by Viviane Crystal

Connie Morgan is dating two men. One, John Baker, is a playboy who is married but who moves from woman to woman without a second thought about whom he leaves behind. That also includes his wife, who he thinks is oblivious about his shenanigans. What a surprise he has coming! Then Connie meets Sam Knight, a race car driver and mechanic, and she loves his daring personality and the way he treats her. But John always seems to appear at just the right times when she’s about to ditch him because he offers no future. It’s not really that she wants to marry, but she doesn’t feel entirely comfortable playing second fiddle to John’s wife. In fact it’s really the great sex that keeps her coming back to him. Several conflicts follow when an out-of-control race driver, Jake Barton, becomes so determined to win that he’s willing to do anything, even cause physical harm to the other driver or car. Sam and his colleagues are growing to distrust Jake more and more. Then the plot for John Baker spins out of his control when his wife, Kay, finds out about Connie.

Considering this story is happening in the 1950s in Southampton, England and knowing how conservative the standards were at that time, the behavior of these women is remarkable. Kay makes choices that leave her husband aghast. Connie and Kay move on with their lives; Sam and Connie do so as well but not before a serious accident almost ruins everything. By the way, despite the fact that this book is being promoted as historical fiction, this reviewer believes it isn’t historical fiction at all. It’s a nice romance with some stereotypical thriller elements.