Flirtation Walk

Written by Siri Mitchell
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1855, after the death of her con man father, Lucinda Pennyworth moves to West Point to live with her aunt and uncle. Lucinda is determined to put her scheming past behind her and to live a respectable life by marrying a gentleman. When her uncle introduces her to a number of cadets, Lucinda sees a potential future with Seth Westcott, top of his senior class and extremely handsome. Seth, however, has different plans. With his mother dead and his sister scammed out of their inheritance, Seth wants to move to the frontier to track the swindler down and put his family back to rights. The Army, however, will only send men at the bottom of the class out West. Seth, with the aid of his friends, plots ways to tarnish his reputation in order to topple from the top. This proves much harder than anticipated, though, because Seth has been bred to succeed. All the while, he falls further and further into love with Lucinda.

Siri Mitchell again delights with this charmer. The story takes a while to pick up, and most of the action takes place in the last few chapters, but they are worth the wait. I enjoyed the struggles Seth endures trying to fail. Lucinda, too, is a delightful heroine with some excellent growth and development. The lesser characters, such as Cousin Phoebe, are equally interesting. All in all, this is highly recommended as a fun, light romance.