Fire When Ready

Written by Kate Kingsbury
Review by Tess Allegra

The English villagers of Sitting Marsh do not want a munitions factory ruining their town and making them targets of the Luftwaffe. With protesting housewives on one side, and Lady Elizabeth of the Manor extolling duty and well-paid jobs on the other, disaster strikes. A fire results in two dead bodies behind a locked office door and wartime authorities rule it an accident. Lady Elizabeth believes otherwise and searches for clues to murder, partly to distract her broken heart from lurching every time she sees a Yank jeep parked in the village. This story is a light confection of a mystery, tinged with romance, albeit set in a dramatic, earnest time. Readers of Kingsbury’s previous Edwardian mysteries at the Pennyfoot Hotel will enjoy similar characters in this current series of wartime amateur sleuthing.