Fire, Burn!

Written by Mallory Dorn Hart
Review by Kathy King

France in the sixteenth century represents a turbulent struggle for power between Charles de Bourbon and Francis I. Charles desperately needs funds to further his campaign, so he turns to his niece, Lyse, to help him find the lost treasure of the Knights-Templar. Lyse is tormented by the memories of Magdalene, her ancestor, who knew the location of the treasure 250 years earlier. Not only must Lyse regress into the life of Magdalene, but she is forced to endure the betrayal of Magdalene’s lover, who is burned at the stake. In order to safeguard herself from enemies, Lyse is forced into a betrothal with her Italian guard. While they endure many adventures during the search, Lyse and her protector fall in love.

Fire, Burn! is a historical novel with romantic and mystical aspects. It gives a rich lesson of the French Knights-Templar, the religious Cathars, and their persecution. Hart weaves a spellbinding tale with characters that captivate the reader. I truly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to all historical novel readers.