Feud – Rebels and Brothers

Written by Derek Birks
Review by Liz Bryan

The mid 15th-century, 1459. The houses of York and Lancaster are on the brink of war, and chaos is about to be unleashed over England. Law and order is one of the first things to fall apart and in the heart of Yorkshire old scores are about to be settled.

Ned Elder’s family is attacked by a neighbour, Lord Radcliffe, and Ned finds himself and a few stalwart companions being hounded across the land while his sisters, Emma and Eleanor suffer their own fate: one is forced into marriage, the other into a nunnery. With their father dead, it is up to Ned to fight for justice, but he and his sisters are young and the wrongs of life are never easy to unravel. Once the feud begins, the tangles get drawn even tighter.

There is some good historical detail and action, plenty of battles balanced by a dash of romance and chivalry. There are a few detailed descriptions of the battles – battles were not romantic places – which might put off those readers who prefer not to dwell on the more historically accurate side of life during these harsh times in the past, but as a fast-paced adventure this is ideal. Not for the more ‘tender’  reader though.

From the eye-catching cover to the last page, Feud is an exciting story of survival through personal upheaval during a vicious war, where the outcome is not always certain.