Fallen Angels


Fallen Angels, the first novel in the Millwood Hollow series, takes a somewhat lighthearted approach to a dark time in American history and makes for an enjoyable read. The year is 1931; many desperate people are struggling to survive. The protagonist, Jeb Nubey, is running from the law when he becomes saddled with three children who have been abandoned by their father’s girlfriend. Seeking shelter from a storm, Jeb and the children spend the night in a small church in Nazareth, Arkansas. The following morning he is awakened by the “pillars” of the church and circumstances get away from him before he has the opportunity or the inclination to rein them back in. The children convince him to assume the identity of the long-awaited preacher, Philemon Gracie, a widower with three children. The congregation is so happy to have a preacher at last, they are quick to overlook any shortcomings. Much of the humor in the book centers around 13-year-old Angel as she teaches Jeb to read the Bible and helps him to prepare his sermons. As the months go by, the children come to believe they really are a family and Jeb grows to love the Bible and caring for his flock. When the attraction builds between him and the local schoolmarm, he begins to regret his charade. The faith of the congregation and their ability to forgive are put to the test when Gracie arrives to claim his rightful place in the church. Ms. Hickman has written an enjoyable novel about the Great Depression and the power of redemption. She does a good job of conveying the thoughts and feelings of the children in her story. I’m looking forward to the second book.



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