Embrace The Dawn

Written by Kathleen Morgan
Review by Cindy Vallar

With her husband’s escalating abuse, Killian Campbell and her son flee. Alexander pursues and strangles her, but a stranger intervenes. When the Campbells arrest him for Alexander’s murder, she must help him escape–to save his life as well as her own.

Ruarc MacDonald wonders why Killian risks her life to save his, but he’s not in a position to refuse. Adam Campbell wants him dead, whether or not he killed Alexander. Adam blames Ruarc for the death of the woman they both loved. Knowing he can’t leave Killian and Gavin behind, he takes them to his castle where his stepmother connives to gain control of his estate for her son while Father Kenneth urges Ruarc to wed Killian and to trust in the Lord.

The Massacre of Glencoe provides the historical backdrop for this inspirational romance. Ms. Morgan deftly weaves a tale of unexpected love with an unsolved murder and the machinations of men who crave power and influence. Her tragic recounting of history horrifies, while her message of faith provides hope during one of Scotland’s darkest hours.