Dying Day

Written by Robert Ryan
Review by Sara Wilson

In 1944 SOE agent Diana McGill is flown into occupied France. Shortly afterwards she disappears—apparently into the “Night and Fog” of the Nazi death camps. Three years after the end of the war her sister, Laura, is tired with being fobbed of by the Home Office and decides to either find Diana or discover her fate.

In Berlin the man who sent Diana on her final mission, James Hadley Webb, is working as a spy but that doesn’t stop Laura tracking him down and demanding a few answers. Unfortunately for both James and Laura a bloody war is about to break out between the East and the West for control of the city. The Cold War curtain is about to be raised, and Diana’s fate might never be known.

As ever it is Robert Ryan’s meticulous research and imaginative use of actual people, places and events that really impresses. He is the master of the thriller genre and writes with great panache—with prose stuffed full of evocative images and exhilarating action.

Dying Day conjures up all the chaos at the close of World War Two and all the shady shenanigans at the outset of the Cold War. Those readers yet to discover Robert Ryan are really missing out and those that have discovered him already have another real treat in store.