Duke of Midnight

Written by Elizabeth Hoyt
Review by Beth Turza

The Duke of Wakefield is a tortured soul who spends his nights posing as the Ghost of St. Giles, seeking his revenge on his parents’ elusive murderer, witnessed by him while just a youth. The streets of London in 1740 are teeming with criminals, making the search difficult. When the Ghost rescues Lady Penelope and her companion, Cousin Artemis, from ruffians, he finds that strong-willed Artemis is far more interesting than her cousin. Losing his family signet ring that evening challenges his sense of justice when Artemis threatens to expose his identity to all unless he gives in and helps to free her brother from prison. The Duke leads a lonely life and begins to court the foolish Lady Penelope to marry in his station. The more he sees the two cousins together, the more he grows to admire the courage and fire of the huntress that he calls his Diana; she has already begun to stalk her prey and attack his heart and body. Duke of Midnight is a wild gallop in the night with a charging steed and a powerful woman holding the reins, coupled with a great deal of steamy reading. Enjoy the ride, readers.