Deeply Devoted

Written by Maggie Brendan
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1887, with a secret past and only a few precious Willow Ware china pieces to her name, Catharine Olsen journeys to Wyoming with her orphaned sisters as a mail-order bride to farmer Peter Anderson. As she and her sisters acclimate to life in America (it is nothing like their beloved Holland), Catharine finds herself falling deeply in love with her new husband, which makes it harder to tell him the truth about her past. But with a meddlesome mother, Peter soon discovers part of Catharine’s secret. His faith and love falter as he tries to understand her motives, but in the end, love wins out, especially when Catharine bares her soul to him relating the tragedy that has fundamentally altered her life.

Culture shock, prejudices, and forgiveness feature broadly in this placid Christian romance. Peter and Catharine both learn lessons about trusting in God and each other, and letting go of the past. All in all, this is a gentle read recommended for any Christian romance fan.