Death at the Boston Tea Party: A John Rawlings Mystery

Written by Deryn Lake
Review by Elisabeth Lenckos

When an actress, traveling under an aristocratic alias, falls to her death from the riggings of a ship in the wake of the Boston Tea Party, John Rawlings, apothecary extraordinaire and amateur sleuth, feels compelled to find her killer. Acquainted with the victim, whom he knows from the time they were shipwrecked together during their journey from England to North America, the adventurer and widowed father of three investigates the events that led to her death, discovering an underworld of rebels, espionage, and intrigue, as well as a long-lost lover.

Death at the Boston Tea Party brings to vivid life 18th-century Boston—the city, where John dispenses medical potions at the Orange Tree Tavern, is rife with tension since the colonies refuse to accept the newly imposed monopoly of East India Company tea and are about to take drastic action. Although the main plot is slow in taking off—John does not reach Boston until Chapter Six—this novel offers an entertaining romp through early American history and a colorful cast of heroes and historical celebrities. The reader does not need to know the rest of the series in order to enjoy this new installment in the adventures of John Rawlings.