Dark Triumph

Written by Robin LaFevers
Review by Nanette Donohue

Sybella is a handmaiden to Saint Mortain, and she’s a skilled assassin who deals in death. Raised by the vile d’Albret, a traitor to Anne, Duchess of Brittany, she escapes his home for the convent of Saint Mortain—only to find that her first assignment is to return home to deal with her father’s deceit. Though Sybella has been trained to deal with stressful situations, nothing could be worse than returning home to her abusive father, who is drunk with power and cruel to all who enter his circle. As part of Sybella’s assignment, she is to rescue the Beast of Waroch, a deadly warrior who serves Anne. When her rescue mission goes wrong, Sybella finds herself on the run with the Beast and his former prison guard, the mute, scarred Yannic. The three all carry wounds that are both physical and emotional, and in addition to making it to Anne’s side safely, the three must overcome their pasts, too.

Sybella is a compelling character from the moment she arrives at the convent of Saint Mortain in Grave Mercy, the first book of LaFevers’ His Fair Assassin trilogy. LaFevers skillfully blends action, romance, history, and dark secrets, and the pacing never lags. Dark Triumph is a moving story of anger and forgiveness, and of vengeance, faith, redemption, and love. It’s a fine sequel to Grave Mercy, and in many ways, it exceeds the first book in the series. LaFevers isn’t afraid to tackle difficult, uncomfortable topics, and there is some mature content, but older teens (14+) will love Sybella’s adventures, and look forward to the final volume of the trilogy.